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June 2, 2010


La Patrouille de France – The French Aerobatic Display Team

by soundlandscapes

This entry into my blog combines two of my interests, sound recording and aircraft.

The 14th July is a major occassion in France, a national holiday, La Fête National. In Paris this is marked by a large parade in the Champs Elysée together with a fly-past by the French Air Force, l’Armée de l’Air. On the way to the Champs Elysée each aircraft joins the fly-past formation overhead La Défense and then they fly overhead the Avenue Charles de Gaulle and on to the Champs Elysée. In doing so they fly directly over my apartment, a perfect opportunity for me to capture the sound of the fly-past. The fly-past is lead by La Patrouille de France, the French aerobatic display team. An assortment of jet engined aircraft then follow and the slower, propeller aircraft bring up the rear.

A recording of the Patrouille fly-past is included here.  Fly-Past by La Patrouille 2009

This is an extract from the recording I made of the whole fly-past from my apartment balcony. The recording was made using a Sound Devices 722 recorder and a Rode NT4 X-Y stereo microphone.

La Patrouille consists of seven Apha Jets commanded since November 2009 by Virginie Guyot, the first woman not only to fly with La Patrouille but also to command it.

Virginie Guyot began flying at the age of 12. Having decided to join l’Armée de l’Air, her first choice was to be a helicopter pilot but she was turned down on medical grounds! She subsequently joined L’Ecole de l’Air in 1997 and qualified as a fighter pilot. She has served in Darfour, Tadjikistan, Tchad and Afghanistan mainly flying the Mirage F1-CR. In 2009, Virginie joined La Patrouille de France and became the leader in November 2009.

For more information about La Patrouille de France go to:

For more aircraft sounds I recommend:

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  1. Jul 26 2010

    Good recording, you can really pull out the sound of those Alpha Jets.

    • Jul 28 2010

      Pleased you like it. If you look at my post “La Fete Nationale” you can hear all of this year’s fly-past.

      I enjoy your very comprehensive site. I envy you being able to go to the flying days at the Shuttleworth Collection in particular.


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