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Another Saturday Sound of the Day

Yesterday afternoon I went to my favourite part of Paris, the 5th arrondissement. After the searing heat of the past couple of weeks and the deluge last Wednesday the weather was much kinder and more to my liking. Late in the afternoon I washed up at the Jardin du Luxembourg which was full of people as always but I did manage to find a green bench under the trees where I had a much needed sit down. The Jardin du Luxembourg can be a very tranquil place if you find the right spot and the people watching can be a fascinating.

I watched the young lady on the right of the photograph wrestle with a baguette for the best part of half an hour before giving up and feeding it to the pigeons. The man sitting on the bench opposite spent the whole time I was there crouched over his notebook and and writing furiously. I couldn’t help wondering what he was writing.

I made some “atmosphere” recordings from this spot which included birds singing in the trees all around me, people talking and walking past on the gravel and the sound of street musicians away in the distance.

Presently, I decided to move off and I made my way towards the sound of the street musicians to see what I could find …

… and this is what I found. A group of six young men making music in the street outside the gates of the Jardin du Luxembourg – a trumpet, two saxophones, a trombone, drums and a sousaphone together with a tin to collect the money in and a large crowd of people watching and listening. It was all good fun. I couldn’t resist recording them for my Paris Soundscape project and, yes, I did leave some money in the tin.

The recording does, like most street recordings, have the usual noises off, traffic and people talking, but that’s all part of the colour.

So here is my Saturday “Sound of the Day”:  Jazz – Jardin du Luxembourg 02