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A Late Summer Evening in Paris … And Dreaming

Regular readers of this blog will know that I specialise in street recordings, particularly street recordings of Paris. Regular readers may also like to know that I do, from time to time, turn my hand to other forms of recording as well. In fact, given the right opportunity, I will record practically anything. I  mention this because today has been a gorgeous late summer’s day here in Paris and late this evening, sitting on a terrace sipping a glass of white, a recording I made some time ago came to mind.

I had a short holiday in one of my favourite places, the Amalfi coast in Italy. A flight to Naples, a tussle with the car hire at the airport, a hair-raising drive along the coast road to Amalfi and then … what a reward!

The Amalfi Coast with its rugged terrain and sheer beauty is in the Campania region of Italy south of Naples. The main town on the Amalfi coast is Salerno but other places come to mind including Amalfi itself, Positano and, of course, Ravello which is very special to me. Everyone needs their own little piece of heaven on earth and Ravello is mine.

So, to get back to the point. Sitting on the terrace in Paris on this late summer evening with my glass of white and dreaming of my little piece of heaven on earth, I was drawn to the sounds that I recorded on the Amalfi coast and this one in particular, a recording I made early one evening on the beach close to Amalfi – the sound of a calm sea with the waves gently rolling over the pebbles on the seashore.

This recording goes very well with a late summer evening in Paris, or anywhere else for that matter,  together with a glass of white – Enjoy!