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December 2, 2010

Noise Pollution Close to Home

by soundlandscapes

For what seems like weeks now I have had to suffer endless noise pollution in my quartier of Paris.

Every morning, workmen have arrived in white vans to begin their duties. And every morning my heart has sunk at the prospect of the day ahead.

Their task has been to repair the roof of the apartment building next to my building. First came the men to erect the scaffolding – the échafaudage as they say in French.


I recorded the sound of the scaffolding going up together with the sound of the water sprinkler directly below my balcony trying to revive life into the late autumnal grass.

This was a long and weary process as day after day the work and the endless noise continued.

Eventually they got the scaffolding erected …

… and then great joy as one whole day of inactivity occured.

But it was not to last. The work on the roof began … and the noise was relentless, day after day after day.

I placed a microphone out on my balcony one morning and recorded some of the sound to be heard …

The good news now is that now, in early December, the work on the roof is finished, the scaffolding is down and the noise pollution has abated.

Thank goodness!

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