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Amsterdam Centraal Station

This blog is mainly about capturing the street sounds of Paris. But sometimes I have to remind myself that there is life outside of this wonderful city and that other cities have their street sounds too.

Earlier this week I found myself in Amsterdam, a city full of character – with tall, thin, houses and canals.

And, of course, Amsterdam is also a city of bicycles which, during the day, seem to concentrate in swarms rather like bees in a hive.

Having completed my business in Amsterdam it was time to return to Paris so I found myself at Amsterdam Centraal Station (yes, Centraal is the Dutch way of saying Central) waiting for my four hour high-speed Thalys train home.

I never go anywhere without a sound recorder – I record anything and everything – so whilst waiting for my train it was quite normal for me to record the sonic environment around me.

Railways stations are guaranteed to provide a rich sonic environment – and Amsterdam Centraal is no exception.

So, share with me the sonic environment I found there earlier this week.

Platform 14a Amsterdam Centraal Station