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Pure Sounds

FEW WORDS AND no pictures for this piece – just the pure sounds of the aircraft and helicopters passing directly overhead during the fly-past for La Fête Nationale on 14th July.

As I said in my piece ’You Heard It Here First!’, I missed the Patrouille de France in the rehearsal because they appeared unexpectedly. On the 14th July I was ready and waiting.

At precisely 10.40, led by the Patrouille billowing red, white and blue smoke, forty-eight aircraft of the L’Armée de L’Air appeared directly overhead my apartment.

The Aircraft:

Fifty minutes later, right on cue, came the helicopters.

The Helicopters:

On this, the French national day, both the defilé on the Champs Elysées and the fly past were timed to perfection.

To see the running order for the defilé and for the details of the fly past click here.