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August 28, 2011


La Fête de Ganesh 2011

by soundlandscapes

PARIS IS NOT JUST for the French, other communities live here too. And while the French celebrate their Fête Nationale in style and the Chinese in Paris celebrate their new year with fabulous displays of colourful dancing lions and dragons accompanied by endless firecrackers, today it was the turn of the Indian community to have their celebration with La Fête de Ganesh.

Genesha, with his elephant’s head to make him easily recognisable, is the Hindu deity of wisdom, propriety and good fortune and a temple is dedicated to him in Paris, the Sri Manicka Vinayakar Alayam temple, in the rue Pajol. And it was from here that today’s colourful procession set off around this part of the 18th arrondissement. The women dressed up, the men dressed down and a good time was had by all.

So let’s celebrate the sights and sounds of today’s Fête de Ganesh.

The sounds of La Fête de Ganesh:

And after a long, hard day …

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  1. Aug 28 2011

    Nice and clear as always. Looks as though you had to monitor the sound levels pretty closely between the quiet periods and the drumming. Great capture of what life in Paris means for some people.

    • Aug 28 2011

      Thanks Jay. It was all very colourful and a great atmosphere. A bit of a crush at times but all very good natured. Recording things like this is always a great challenge the biggest of which is to try to anticipate what is coming next and to be ready to adjust the levels accordingly. In recording street demonstrations or in this case, a street celebration, I am always looking beyond what is happening now to what might happen next. Sometimes it works … and sometimes it doesn’t! Today, it seemed to work.


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