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October 19, 2011


A Silent Swaying Breath: A Public Record

by soundlandscapes

FROM PARIS I WATCHED the TV pictures with disbelief and dismay as the recent riots in London unfolded. Scenes of chaos, looting and mindless violence are never easy to digest. Depressing as the scenes in London were, my heart lifted to see the way the local people subsequently rallied to begin rebuilding their communities.

In our world dominated by the twenty-four hour news cycle events like this seem to fade all to quickly. It’s easy to forget the victims of these riots, those who lost their livelihoods and those who lost their homes not to mention those scarred by these unfathomable events.

Thankfully, there are those who did not forget. As well as the various charitable organisations offering help and support to the communities affected by the riots, many other people are making a contribution in whatever way they can. People like the amazingly creative team at SoundFjord, the United Kingdom’s only gallery dedicated to sound art.

SoundFjord, together with Audio Gourmet’s Harry Towell and Bartosz Dziadosz, came together to curate an album created “by the people, for the people”, to raise funds for those affected by the riots. SoundFjord’s creative director, Helen Frosi, invited people from around the world to submit short, unedited sounds that would be used as the basic ingredients and Audio Gourmet then transformed these sounds into a twelve-track album of sound art.

The finished album, A Silent Swaying Breath: A Public Record, was released on 17th October. All profits raised by sales of this album go towards assisting those that have lost their homes and livelihoods and to provide opportunities for philanthropy, creative expression and collaboration within local community projects.

A Silent Swaying Breath: A Public Record – Introduction:

Here is a link to the album, A Silent Swaying Breath: A Public Record. Do take a look and share the link with your friends. It’s all in a good cause.

When I first heard about this project I was anxious to support it. I was therefore thrilled when I was told that some of my sounds had been included in the finished album. The sounds chosen have appeared elsewhere on this blog. I wonder if you can spot them.

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  1. Oct 19 2011

    An excellent initiative – and congratulations for being featured!

    • Oct 19 2011

      Thanks Adam. This is a really worthwhile project and I was privileged to play a tiny part in it.

  2. Oct 20 2011

    Wow – so good to have your field recordings being used in such a beautiful piece. I’ve listened to it a few times now; the banjo is so Nice. I’ve tried to work out which recordings are yours – is it the children, or the “whirring” sound at about 1 min 20? They have been used so subtly. Anyway, congratulations on having your work featuring in an important project.

    • Oct 20 2011

      Thanks Jay. Actually, my sounds don’t appear in the introductory piece. You will need to click on to the link for the album to find them. Track 5 would be a good place to start.

      • Oct 21 2011

        Woops! I’ve taken a listen to “Sutures”, really beautiful too – is it the birds?

      • Oct 21 2011

        So as not to spoil it for others I’ll send you a mail and let you into the secret.

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