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November 20, 2011


Paris – A Personal View

by soundlandscapes

I AM DELIGHTED TO present a new series of pieces for this blog entitled, Paris – A Personal View.

For each piece in the series I will invite a guest who lives in Paris to visit one of their favourite places or a place in this city that has a special meaning for them. With access to a microphone and sound recorder, the guest will talk about the place and tell us why it’s special to them. I’m certain that throughout the series the mixture of people, places and styles of delivery will make for interesting and fascinating listening.

To begin the series I am delighted to present a personal view of Paris from Susie Kahlich.

Photo courtesy of Susie Kahlich

Susie is an American screenwriter living in Paris.  In addition to her screenwriting work, she is editor of the cinema section at Vingt Paris Magazine, and a published author and poet.

And Susie’s chosen place? The Parc Monceau …

©Susie Kahlich in Parc Monceau:



I am very grateful to Susie Kahlich for making time in her busy schedule to record this piece and for giving us her very personal view of the delightful Parc Monceau.

Thanks Susie.

Courtesy Note:

Unlike other sounds on this blog, the sound piece ‘Susie Kahlich in Parc Monceau’ is not covered by a Creative Commons license. The copyright for this piece rests jointly and exclusively with Susie Kahlich and Des Coulam.  It follows therefore that the downloading of this piece for any purpose is not permitted without the express permission of both Susie and Des. We have no wish to spoil your enjoyment of this piece but simply ask you to respect that the work is ours. Thanks for understanding.

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  1. Nov 22 2011

    I really enjoyed listening to this recording and just wanted to say thank you to you both. It made me think about the parks I know and the places I’ve found comfort in unfamiliar cities. I loved the singing runner, too!

    • Nov 22 2011

      Thank you Claire, I’m pleased you enjoyed Susie’s personal view of Parc Monceau. I hope you enjoy the rest of this series of pieces when they appear … although I can’t guarantee any more singing joggers!

  2. Nov 27 2011

    Really nice idea, well done for pursuing it.
    I’d always imagined which park Proust had written about, and now its sounds are coming through my speakers – a nice experience. And I agree with Clare, the singing jogger is a great capture. I’m looking forward to listening to more of your choices in speakers

    • Nov 27 2011

      Pleased you like it. The second piece in the series has been recorded and will be posted soon. It’s fascinating to hear people’s personal views of Paris and why places are important to them.


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