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Le Changement C’est Maintenant

LA PRESIDENTIELLE, the French Presidential election is over for another five years. The climax came on Sunday when the result of the second round of voting was declared at 8.00 pm. The French people voted for change and elected François Hollande over the incumbent President, Nicolas Sarkozy.

It was back in 1981 when the last socialist President, François Mitterand, was elected in France so this Sunday’s result was very significant for the Hollande supporters. They gathered in vast numbers in the Place de la Bastille and I joined them to savour the atmosphere.

I arrived in Place de la Bastille some two hours before the election result was declared but even then the enthusiastic crowd was gathering.

Atmosphere in La Place de la Bastille:

You have to hand it to the French, they certainly know how to celebrate in vast numbers and with good humour.

As 8.00 pm approached the excitement became palpable and when the result became clear the party began.

François Hollande Wins:

Sarkozy Concession Speech:

Hollande Acceptance Speech:

Nicolas Sarkozy is the eleventh Euro-Zone leader to lose office since the debt crisis took hold in 2009. Le Changement does indeed seem to be Maintenant!