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March 31, 2013


Mairie de Montrouge – Another New Métro Station

by soundlandscapes

FOR THE SECOND time in the last three months I’ve been to see a newly opened Paris Métro station. In December I went to have a look at Front Populaire, the new terminus at the northern end of Line 12.  That station was opened on 18th December and it became the 302nd station on the Paris Métro network.


Last week, I crossed to the south of Paris to visit the latest addition to the Paris Métro network, the 303rd station, Mairie de Montrouge, which now becomes the new southern terminus of Line 4. The station was officially opened on 23rd March by Frédéric Cuvillier, Junior Minister for Transport and the Maritime Economy.


The extension to Mairie de Montrouge is the first extension of Métro Line 4 since its construction was completed in 1910. For over a hundred years Line 4 ran within the Paris city boundaries from Porte de Clignancourt in the north to Porte d’Orléans in the south. The extension to Mairie de Montrouge now takes Line 4 beyond the city limits into the suburbs.


At a cost of over €152 million, the extension is 780 metres long and the work took five years to complete.


In yet another example of RATP’s joined up thinking, Mairie de Montrouge station links with three RATP bus routes, 68, 126 and 128 as well as with the SQYBUS (Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines) network.


Sounds inside Mairie de Montrouge station:

Inside, the new station has a bright and airy feel to it in part due to the use of natural light coming through the glass panels set into the roof which also form part of the concourse outside the station.


Glass panels set into the concourse outside which provide natural light inside the station:

The seats both inside and outside are quite comfortable despite their rather futuristic look.

07 08








The station has two entrances at the moment. The main entrance is on the parvis of l’Eglise Saint-Jacques le Majeur.


There is a second entrance at Place du Général-Leclerc and a third entrance, opposite the Mairie, is under construction and is due to open next year.


Extending the line to Mairie de Montrouge is only the first stage of the southern extension of Line 4. In 2014 work will begin on a further extension with two new stations, Verdun Sud and Bagneux. These stations are planned to open in 2019.


Mairie de Montrouge (The Town Hall)

Until 2011, the trains on Line 4, the MP 59, were the oldest on the Paris Métro system, some of them 50 years old. During 2011 and 2012 newer MP 89 trains, formerly running on Line 1 but now redundant since the automation of that line, were cascaded to Line 4 making for quicker and more comfortable journeys.

With 154 million passengers a year, Line 4, the second busiest line on the system after Line 1, now has faster and more comfortable trains taking passengers further than ever.


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  1. Apr 1 2013

    Bravo! Bravo! Another great post put together with the delightful sounds of the new Montrouge station! I can’t help but think of all of the changes that Line 4 has undergone during the past five years. When I first heard that the MP 89 trains were being moved to Line 4, I became quite ecstatic as the MP 89 has become my favorite rolling stock of the Paris Metro. In fact, I like just about everything about the MP 89, bus especially the sounds they make as they depart or arrive. There are also carbon copies of the MP 89 in Santiago, Chile called the NS 93, which made me love these trains even more!

    When I visited Paris in 2009, I had a chance to ride Line 4 quite a bit, as the hotel I stayed at was along Blvd Strassbourg, near the Strassbourg-St. Denis station. I managed to travel about half of the line, from Chateau Rouge to St. Michel, seeing many of the stations in between The only thing that I did not like was how hot the MP 59 trains were, even on a relatively cool spring day.

    As for the Montrouge station, it is another brilliant, modern work that shows how far the Metro has come since its inception, and also since the construction of the modern Line 14! The ambiance of the station looks so impressive that I can easily imagine myself there! I can’t wait to be able to visit Paris again to ride the newly automated Line 1, as well as the refreshed Line 4!

    • Apr 1 2013

      Thanks for your comment. I’m pleased you enjoyed the tour of Mairie de Montrouge station. I shall try to document work on the further extension as it happens from next year.

      I’m very familiar with the MP 89’s. When they were on Line 1 I travelled on them practically every day for 14 years!

  2. Apr 2 2013

    thanks for sharing as usual

  3. Apr 2 2013

    On 23 March, my boyfriend & I took the line 4 to visit some friends who were going to move to Lyon. We were surprised to see that the line had being extended to Montrouge, which was exactly where we were going. Quelle chance! Our friends who live in Montrouge shared with us that their landlord had told them the station would open in 2010 when they first moved into their apartment. Guess it finally materialised, though it took a little longer than expected 😉

    • Apr 2 2013

      ‘Quelle chance’ indeed. You went on the very day the station opened. And yes, landlords sometimes do bend the truth!

  4. Vincent
    Apr 7 2013

    Note that the 154 million number is only the direct entrance, it doesn’t include people transfering from an other line.
    This means that somebody who enters in Paris metro network by the line 12 and then take the line 4 will be only counted in the line 12 stats.

    Mairie de Montrouge is really a nice station, Montrouge has waited over 80 years to have it, this extension was planned as far as the 30’s maybe even before.


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