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Paris – A Personal View

I AM DELIGHTED TO present a new piece in my Paris – A Personal View series.

For each piece in the series I invite a guest who lives in Paris to visit one of their favourite places or a place in the city that has a special meaning for them. With access to a microphone and sound recorder the guest talks about the place and tells us why it’s special to them.

Today my guest is Monique Wells.

02-08-2011 Monique at the Luxembourg Garden

Photo by Kim Powell

A native Houstonian and 21-year resident of Paris, Dr. Monique Y. Wells wears several professional hats.  She is a consultant in preclinical safety assessment, a time management/productivity expert, and an expert on African Diaspora Paris.  She owns two small businesses – one as a solopreneur and the other with her husband.  A writer and editor in multiple disciplines, she enjoys investigating her topics thoroughly with an eye for the unusual, untold story. She is also passionate about travel and about food and wine.

As an African-American woman living in France, her interest in African Diaspora history and culture in Paris led her to create Discover Paris!’ Entrée to Black Paris™ Afro-centric walks and activities.  It also inspired her to found the French non-profit association called Les Amis de Beauford Delaney.  Having successfully placed a tombstone at the previously unmarked grave of painter Beauford Delaney, the principal goal of the organization is now to increase awareness of Delaney’s work.

And Monique’s chosen place? The Jardin du Luxembourg

©Monique Wells at the Jardin du Luxembourg:


Preparing to record in the Jardin du Luxembourg 

Photo: ©


The photographic exposition of the Tour de France on the gates of the Jardin 


Photo: ©


Palais du Luxembourg – The Luxembourg Palace

05 Le Poète_early spring 2013_close-up 1

Le poète ou Hommage à Paul Eluard (1954)
Ossip Zadkine (1890-1967) 

Photo: ©

06 Apiary_landscape_early spring 2013

The Apiary

Photo: ©

07 Horloge Palais de Luxembourg_with roof

Horloge, Palais du Luxembourg

Photo: ©


L’Acteur grec, by Arthur Bourgeois and a view of the Panthéon in the summertime 

09 Fountain Medicis

La fontaine Médicis – The Medici Fountain

Photo: ©

10 First crocuses_Luxembourg Garden_1

The first crocuses

Photo: ©

I am very grateful to Monique for giving up her time on a blustery, early Spring day to visit and talk about the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Courtesy Note:

Unlike other sounds on this blog, the sound piece ‘Monique Wells at the Jardin du Luxembourg‘ is not covered by a Creative Commons license. The copyright for this piece rests jointly and exclusively with Monique Wells and Des Coulam.  It follows therefore that the downloading of this piece for any purpose is not permitted without the express permission of both Monique and Des. We have no wish to spoil your enjoyment of this piece but simply ask you to respect that the work is ours. Thanks for understanding.