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Passage du Prado

THE PASSAGE DU PRADO makes its way into my series about the surviving Parisian passages couverts by stealth rather than by virtue. Built in 1785, it might claim to be the oldest of the passages couverts in Paris – but it isn’t.

It was indeed built in 1785 but it was originally an open-air passage like many others built around the same time. It only became covered in 1925.

Its owners, inspired by the national Museum of Madrid, named it the Passage du Prado and it enjoyed some success in the 1930’s but, despite the best efforts of Les Amis du Passage du Prado, it looks pretty sorry for itself today.

About the only thing to commend this passage are the Art Deco style buttresses made of wood and plaster attached to the glass roof which remain in good condition despite dating from 1925.

Sounds inside the Passage du Prado:

The Passage du Prado used to host mainly wholesale clothes retailers but today it is home to a selection of African hairdressers, a hotel, cafés and an assortment of individual businesses.

Passage du Prado:

16, boulevard Saint-Denis / 16 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis

Open every day from 09.30 – 19.00