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Sound Of The Month

This ‘Sound of the Month’ is a group of singers at a Bretagne street fair in Montmartre. The song is the popular French song, ‘Le Gamin de Paris’.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

If you would like to see one of the sounds on my blog feature as a “Sound of the Month” then leave me a comment and I will put it up for you.

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  1. andromedawarmachine
    Nov 3 2010


    well, this is an important day!

    I am an amateur sound recordist myself of some years and have been collecting footage since ’88.

    My own audio source interest is relatively broad and covers footage of people taking about things to the sounds of places and machines and streets and sometimes the virtual silence of very quiet places.
    I have recorded all over the world, most recently returning from New York last summer with a considerable body of material. Sometimes, to account for the unexpected, I block record entire days when I am travelling abroad so as not to miss anything. I rarely delete material and so these recordings go on to serve as a “live” diary of my trips from which sometimes I have edited down into a documentary form.
    I have made particular effort to record the sounds of Paris myself and although based in Edinburgh have travelled there seven times- lastly in 2003 when I managed to get into the “espace de projection” in IRCAM!!
    A current continuing project I have on the go at the moment is to record the sounds & comments of my son who is 4 (and whom I see only at weekends) every Saturday in the same place in central Edinburgh at 1:00pm when a cannon is fired from the Castle. This will be condensed to playback as a “year in an hour” of his life once complete at the end on December 18th. I take a picture of him each week also.
    Although recently subscribing to a US based online forum for concert-recordists, I have until this moment never found anyone who was ever interested in recording the world as they find it, a past time which I always best describe to people with the oxymoron “audio-photography”. And today, I believe I found somebody else!

    This is an amazing resource, and a subject of some motivation for me as I have always believed I was alone in this interest.

    Yours with great respect


  2. Some great guitar playing and a really evocative recording, now that’s what a Sunday lunchtimes are about! Thanks for sharing Des.

  3. marvin
    Nov 22 2011

    Wow i just happend to come across your Soundlamdscapes’blog and i am like wow because this is good music! people in the backround compliments
    the jazzy beat.. Its truly an inpiration. Musicu is universal!


    • Nov 22 2011

      Thank you for your comment. I’m pleased you like the blog. Street music fills the air in Paris and it’s a great joy to listen to.

  4. Rock1942
    Mar 20 2014

    Somehow this work reminds me of our late lamented Maeve Binchy, journalist and novelist whose writing was sympathetic to the lives of ordinary people, even down to the minutiae of their days. She was forever eavesdropping on conversations she heard on a bus or in a restaurant, and even learnt to lip-read. This resulted in extraordinary stories, just as yours are. Good work


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