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February 8, 2016


Carnaval de Paris 2016

by soundlandscapes

SUNDAY, 7th FEBRUARY saw the 19th edition of the Carnaval de Paris. The theme this year was Le Monde fantastique aquatique.


Led by Basile Pachkoff, Président de l’association 
Droit à la Culture, the carnival procession left Place Gambetta in the 20th arrondissement and made its way to Place de la République.

Carnaval de Paris 2016

Today’s Carnaval de Paris is a revival of a carnival dating back to at least the sixteenth century when the carnival parade would take place on the Sunday prior to Mardi Gras and was led by the traditional “Promenade du Boeuf Gras”, a decorated live ox.

In those days it was a time of rejoicing lasting from Epiphany until Lent whereas today it’s simply a one-day event. The Carnaval de Paris with its dancers, masks, music and colourful costumes still retains the spirit and exuberance of the medieval festival.

Carnaval de Paris 2016

In the February afternoon sunshine, I joined the carnival procession in Avenue Gambetta to record the sights and sounds.

Sounds of the Carnaval de Paris 2016:

Carnaval de Paris 2016

Carnaval de Paris 2016

Carnaval de Paris 2016

Carnaval de Paris 2016

Carnaval de Paris 2016

Carnaval de Paris 2016

Carnaval de Paris 2016

Carnaval de Paris 2016

Carnaval de Paris 2016

Carnaval de Paris 2016

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  1. Richard Ewen
    Feb 8 2016

    We all enjoy the quality of sound you produce. I, for one, often turn on your recording of the day and go on and read other blogs and mail, pretending to be in Paris. But I also want to comment on your great photos and especially the brilliant color of the Mardi Gras parade. Thanks for brightening my day.

    • Feb 14 2016

      Many thanks, Richard … and sorry for the late reply.
      I appreciate your comment about my sounds and especially about my pictures. I don’t claim to be a serious photographer; I’m more of a ‘happy snapper’!
      Processions like this though do pose a big problem for me. It’s always a challenge to collect good sound and good pictures at the same time so I always focus on the sound first and grab the pictures as and when I can.


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